About me

Pouriya Jaberi, Iran

I was born in a family with a rich background in music and literature. My music trainings began when I was eight years old. I learned Daf from my older brother who was a highly accomplished player and indeed one of the bests in Iran. I also learned Tanboor from my eldest brother who had a significant influence on my musical career.

I took the first place in Fajr international music festival in 2002 and 2005 when I was only 15 years old. I also won the first prize in percussion festival of west of Iran in 2008.

In the coming years I performed in different music festivals in Asia (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey...), Europe (Russia, Italy, Spain, Norway...) and Australia( Sydny, Melbourne) . My most recent performance was in Shahram Nazeri concert ( master of acclaimed classical singer and composer ) in UK with Hamdel Ensamble in 2019, and Sami Yosuf ( Master of islamic singer ) concerts in UK tour, Australian tour and the Netherlands tour in 2015, 2016.

I live in The Netherlands and I perform with different music bands.

From 2021 I started with this music shop because I make iranian instruments (Tanboor and Setar) and I love to play and sell other music instruments from my country (Iran). I sell for ideological purposes. I sell to promote the Iranian classical instruments and non-profit music.